4 Solutions To Youth Unemployment

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In our previous post, we highlighted some causes of youth unemployment, and went ahead to mention that these numbers of youth unemployment were significant especially when it comes to sexuality because the socio-economic position of a young person is among the determinants of the person’s sexual wellbeing.

This is a continuation of our previous post as we seek to look at 4 solutions to youth unemployment.

Plugging the skill gap

Countries around the world will need to make concerted efforts to plug the current skills gap by upgrading education curricular as well as introducing extracurricular initiatives that will help plug this gap, like gathering education and work experience in a new environment such as a luxury car rental agency: www.apexluxurycarhire.com/car-rental-locations/spain/marbella/. This is because, for young people to become competitive in the job market, they will need skills that are relevant to industry needs, and in addition to this, they will also need to be imparted with entrepreneurial as well as life skills. Young people must be imparted with skills that give them a better chance at succeeding in life as well as in their careers.

Increase youth access to capital

Governments around the world must be very deliberate in their support of enterprises started by young people. This support should come in the form of access to seed capital for their start-ups, as well as negotiated interest rates with financial institutions to enable them give youth access to affordable credit. The private sector will also be required to play an active part in this as well, so that youth can have different funding opportunities available to them. With more programs available to support enterprise development by youth, we can be assured that the problem of youth unemployment can be resolved within a decade.

Bridging the digital divide

Both governments and the private sector around the world will need to work together and put in significant investment in bridging the digital divide between the developed and underdeveloped countries. Concerted efforts must be put in place to ensure everyone has access to the internet, technology, as well as the requisite tech savvy skills so that there can be a semblance of a level playing field for all young people so that they can be competitive in the job market and enjoy rare things like a convertible rental in Mallorca.

More stakeholder collaboration

Governments and the private sector need to have better collaboration in the identification of skills and knowledge that young people ought to be taught in order for them to have the relevant skills for today’s job or entrepreneurial markets. Such collaboration will ensure that proper industry driven curriculum development is undertaken to ensure youth are imparted with better skills that perfectly match to available market needs.

The point to note about these solutions is that if you travel around the world, youth problems are more or less the same, with minor differences based on cultural and economic contexts. Therefore, these solutions are just a matter of contextualizing to a country’s cultural and economic context. All in all, youth programs on sexuality that put an emphasis on solving the problem of youth unemployment have a much higher chance of success.

We invite you to share with us your experiences on youth and sexuality. Let’s join hands to transform the lives of our youth.