Share your Experiences

Youth Incentives is a platform that was created with the intention of providing an interactive and an open line of communication on the subject of youth and sexuality. This platform not only exists to give information but also to receive it from other stakeholders and interested parties on this subject. It’s for this reason that we welcome you to share your own personal stories about your experiences with youth and their sexuality. We welcome you to share any experiences and stories on issues of contraception, HIV and STIs, teenage and unintended pregnancies, sex education and many more.

Personal stories are especially welcome from young people, counsellors working with young people, teachers, and health professionals working with young people. We want to hear and share stories from both the developed and underdeveloped parts of the world. Let us compare and exchange notes and learn from each other. We are strong believers that knowledge is power and the more we share the more we grow. Welcome! Let’s join hands to transform the lives of our youth.

For an opportunity to share your stories and experiences with us, please send us an email at with your story and we will be glad to share it on the Youth Incentives platform.

If you are in Milwaukee, you can pay us a visit at:

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Let’s join hands to transform the lives of our youth.