About Youth Incentives

Youth incentives is an advocacy initiative to champion for the sexual reproductive health and rights for the youth globally. It is our goal to ensure that young people from around the world have sufficient access to information and reproductive health services, to ensure that they are in a good position to make sound, informed and responsible judgements on everything to do with their sexual and reproductive health.

Youth Incentives has a unique proposal for an effective approach of tackling the sexual reproductive health and wellbeing of the youth. This model was conceived out of the realization that a number of socio-economic and environmental determinants influence the sexual behavior, wellbeing and development of young people. We believe that it is therefore not enough to address sexual reproductive health and rights on its own, rather, a holistic approach is needed to improve reproductive health outcomes for young people through addressing social determinants of health, including but not limited to access to quality education, healthcare, economic and job opportunities among others. We believe that these determinants must be addressed concurrently for any international programme on sexuality to be a success.

Through this platform, we will share informative and educative content to promote behavior change, promote good sexual behavior, increase public awareness, and encourage international stakeholder participation on issues of youth and sexuality.

We encourage the active participation of all stakeholders with an interest in youth and sexual reproductive health as we welcome you to join hands with us to transform the lives of our youth.

Andrew Young

Founder, Youth Incentives